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The imaging department at Wilton Medical Arts has just brought online two new digital X-ray units, replacing our first generation of digital radiography. This latest technology reduces radiation exposure to patients while providing greater image clarity.  xray

X-ray production has not really changed since its invention in 1895—it’s still an image created from electromagnetic radiation exposure—but the technology has greatly evolved. Over the years, film transitioned to digital, reducing radiation for safer exams and improving our environment by eliminating waste associated with film. Resulting images became as quickly available as if we were using a smartphone camera, which reduces exam time and provides quick answers when needed for urgent care, emergency departments, and operating rooms.

The most important change has been the increased protection for patients from radiation. The technological challenge for manufacturers has been to find a way to reduce radiation exposure while maintaining image clarity. But this latest generation technology has not only reduced radiation dosage, it has greatly improved the image resolution, setting new standards in efficiency and reliability.  
We also have new wireless detectors, which help us have more freedom to position machines and patients without having to worry about cords that can break or cause tripping hazards. There’s better software, high-contrast image detail, upgraded battery charging – for us, these new X-ray machines are more exciting than getting a new iPhone!

Feb 19, 2020 | Categories: Health Information
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